brain chemistry

On November 20, 2012 by a.G.


I had a beautiful short term memory once. Tell me something one time and I owned it. Directions? Fuggetaboutit I could always find my way around. Reading comprehension that was tested (back in the day) as the top 3% in the nation. Photograp

hic they said.I have crossed the threshold into increasing forgetfulness. At what age does this happen? Does one magically turn 39-ish plus one (shut it) and your brain says “fuck you”?

Do my beloved synapses spurn their axon lovers and decide to just go solo with lube and rubber gloves? Why are my reuptake receptor sites being inhibited to the point of idiocy?

My lovely dendrites are wilting and have left to find greener pastures (like how to produce one long strand of hair on my neck that I could wrap around like a choker necklace except it’s blonde and you can’t see it)

Why oh why have you deserted me my myelin sheath? Nodes of Ranvier you’ve left me high and dry with no nubs… to rub. My axon hill(c)ock is flaccid and no amount of viagra will fix that shit.

I miss you so and need you back. I’ll do anything. Even make lists. I hate lists. But I’ll make these dreaded to-do and “don’t forget this you dumb ass” lists just so you’ll stay.

I promise. Please come home. I need you. I NEED you to fill my synaptic gap. NOW.



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