Who listens to YOU?

What does it mean to listen? What’s the difference between a ‘talker’...

21st Apr
Who listens to YOU?

how to beat the winter “ick”

Sluggish. Bored. Irritable. Stuck. Caged in. One big sigh wrapped in less...

16th Jan
how to beat the winter “ick”

You drive me CRAZY!!!

When you look at the (perceived) flaws in another… seeing what’s wrong,...

17th Sep

worried about “branding”? try an attitude adjustment

“We leak information through every pore. Our brains are designed to look...

12th Sep

why mean people are mean… if you know what i mean

I post a lot about kindness (and meanness too I suppose). and yes… I’ve...

05th Apr

making time

    “About half the population needs to make a real effort...

02nd Dec

show me don’t tell me

what am i thankful for… what are you thankful for… grateful… gratitude…...

22nd Nov

brain chemistry

  I had a beautiful short term memory once. Tell me something...

20th Nov

i remember

Bittersweet memories can be. I keep thinking today of my grandfather (paternal...

11th Nov

galaxy rise

“But we’re also capable of using our compassion and our intelligence, our...

09th Nov