change your mind in 5 minutes or how to beat the blues

On January 25, 2011 by a.G.

Waffles. They’re not just for breakfast anymore. Get a little off kilter, move from your center and the brain, super psycho psyche I like to call it, can begin the push ups.  Waffling back and forth and back and forth like a spinning top bouncing off all sides of my somewhat sagacious brain.  With no syrup or butter either. Damn. Always in extremes too … good/bad, right/wrong, all/nothing, this or that, tit for … well … titless? (omg bad pun … remind me not to write this early ever again. I have NO filter)

Yes. We all go through this. One moment we’re plugging along and WHAMMO … derailed.  Flipped backward into ‘sickish’ thinking for one reason or another.  This time of year with the cold and the lack of sun and the cold. Did I mention cold? It could be because of all this damn dark gloomy winter weather. Gods above it’s depressing.  How long can we endure the endless staying inside-ism. I mean really, how many times can you keep your kids entertained with their ‘usual’ smorgasbord of toys?  I’ve even brought bubble wrap and appliance boxes home for our Cardboard City.  Any lengths.

Anyhow, back to the subject matter at hand.  (in hand is an entirely different blog with a rating of X. don’t get any ideas) Whatever it is that is blocking your ‘inner winner’ CAN be redirected.  The usual suspects like thought stopping, redirection, intensive physical exercise for short spurts, doing something completely different is the way to get the train back on track.

Short on money (okay who’s not?) this is an exercise in the internal, for our household anyway.  My biggest tool? Mindfulness. Reveling in the sensual. (Meaning the senses. Dirty birds. sheesh) What does my skin feel like against the softness of my ultra plush white fluffy robe? How does this coffee taste sweet and hot against my lips? The warm fire and how it illuminates my vision.  How inviting and sweet is the smell of oranges tickling my nose from my oil burner, permeating every crevice of my home, reminding me of the juice of a delectable fruit dribbling off my chin on a hot summer night. (Whew)

This … triggers positive memories and keeps me in the moment.  In five minutes I can change my mood.  Simply by tweaking my brain chemistry. Try it. You’ll like it. Whatever ‘it’ is for you. You HAVE a choice.  Revel in your “you” and MAKE time … to feel … better.

2 Responses to “change your mind in 5 minutes or how to beat the blues”

  • My mother passed on from this life to the next life on 1/1/11: beating the blues is an ongoing struggle at this early stage of my own grief – I think “Coping successfully” in the moment is how I practice mindfulness today. I feel my warm lovey kitty cat Emmy snuggled up against me now; earlier, I was going to walk the dog in the woods. The front door will NOT open, the sun is out, and the best I can do is remember that this is the sort of thing my Mom would have laughed at.

  • “she cain’t get no,..(dew-doo-dew-doo) Sass-i-faction. She caint get no,….proper reaction. And she trys, Lord she trys. Yes she trys,… and she trys – “She caint get no, waffle reaction,…no Sass-i-faction!
    Hey, Hey Hey!

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