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Deliberate practice – is designed, can be repeated a lot, requires constant feedback, is highly demanding mentally,  and isn’t much fun.

“If it seems a bit depressing that the most important thing you can do to improve performance is no fun, take consolation in this fact: It must be so. If the activities that lead to greatness were easy and fun, then everyone would do them and they would not distinguish the best from the rest. The reality that deliberate practice is hard can even be seen as good news. It means that most people won’t do it. So your willingness to do it will distinguish you all the more.” ~ Geoff Colvin from the book “Talent is overrated.” 

Passion and perseverance are where it’s at. There is no such thing as natural born talent. There just isn’t. (This was a hard one for me to swallow too trust me) The not-so-secret secret to being “world class” is drive anddeliberate practice.

Deliberate practice is going above and beyond. It’s practicing scales until your fingers are numb. It’s waking up early and doing things when it’s least comfortable. It’s getting and staying outside of your comfort zone. Looking at the “I don’t wanna” and kicking it’s ever-loving ass.

I suck at deliberate practice. I never used to. I was ever so disciplined and woke up early to write before my karmic job, stayed up til the wee hours writing. Then life hit… hard… with good stuff (like getting paid to write for other people and being mommy and house elf to six).

But like my buddy Jake says in the kick ass meme below….



Even and especially when it’s not comfortable.

~ a.G.~

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