show me don’t tell me

On November 22, 2012 by a.G.

what am i thankful for…
what are you thankful for…
grateful… gratitude… thankfulness…

easy to say. harder to show.

How often are we aware of how many things others do for us?
Tell them. Show them… your gratitude.

If it takes a national holiday for you to remember all the little things then let it be so…

kiss your mom and tell her that her turkey is fantastic… even if it’s like sandpaper.

don’t worry so much how the sausage stuffing or pumpkin pie turns out… the love you bake in will feed everyone just fine.

tell your wife that those are the best damn yams you’ve ever tasted… even if you feed them to the dog under the table

play on the floor with your kids (if you’re lucky enough to be with them)… they’d much rather have your time than that new lego set. trust me.

sit and listen to your elderly relatives – ask them to tell you their favorite stories… they are rare and precious jewels, unexpected treasures.

sit for a moment at the “kids” table and pretend to sneeze out mashed potatoes and laugh until you can’t breathe…

the very best way to “be” thankful… is to show … thankfulness.

give your time… put away your phone… get off the internet for a bit (i know… tough one.) but at least for part of your Thanks-giving day… give yourself completely.

That… is how you show thanks.

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