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On December 10, 2012 by a.G.


This is a first.

The first Christmas in a new house with a new blended family. New traditions and money managing and new ways of thinking of holiday seasons.  The gifts, the packaging, the family, the expectation, the stress… it’s enough to kill a girl. So I stopped. I stopped and I reframed and I thought about things… all the way through.

Coming from different backgrounds presents it’s own obstacles. My husband, being Scottish, was raised having nice refined low key holidays with a few meaningful gifts under a real tree purchased right before Christmas. My family? Over the top is an understatement. My mom (and I love her for it) makes Christmas wayyyyyyyyy special. Trees in every room and two hour present opening sessions at five in the morning on the special day.

A girl can’t help but have some of that over the top-ism rub off. Christmas used to be a time of panic and freaking out because I couldn’t keep up with my parents in the gift department. Worried that it wasn’t going to be magical enough  or decorated enough or just plain… not enough. It became more about stuff than it did just spending time together.

This year. This year is a first. I put up my fancy tree that wasn’t quite so fancy this year graced with handmade paper snowflakes by the mini Pirate Ninja crew (which actually makes it the fanciest tree I’ve ever had) Placed my lighted garlands (with more snowflakes) and hung up a few decorations around the house. The kids each have a little tree that they had a super good time decorating in their rooms; simple with just lights and few balls. And then we went together as a family and got our real fir tree for the playroom that the kids decorated all by themselves.

It was a blast. And not TOO much. Just enough I think, to make extra special super special for them. It’s not about showing off, it’s about making the holiday bright for the wee ones.

Presents? One really big special gift and then a few smaller ones for good measure for all six of them. They’ll be getting gifts from grandparents and extended family under the tree too.

The most important gift we’ll be giving our children is not freaking out over the holidays. A laid back, relaxing, FUN day (for once), without Mommy being sick to her stomach because she’s not enough. Toys are forgotten quickly… it’s the time spent together that matters most. Finally… at the age of 40, I GET it. Finally.

It is enough. It’s more than enough. All I want for Christmas, I already have. More than I ever thought possible. Thanks Santa… I musta been a reallygood girl this year.

Merry Stress Free Christmas ♥

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