green eyed monsters are so last week…

  What is this green monster that sneaks up on us and...

25th May
green eyed monsters are so last week…

A Story. (or how the four blondes became NINJAS!)

    Once upon a time, simply because every good story starts...

06th Apr

on being reported … again – OR – how to stand up for yourself.

So. It’s happening again. Random “reporting” from anonymous folks on my profile....

22nd Mar


Why is this so scary for some? What is it about the...

06th Feb

power out … and in.

The ice storm. Mother nature vengeance divine. Absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous in it’s...

02nd Feb
power out … and in.

i want it NOW!!!

Patience. Yeah. Something I’m REALLY not good at. Not even a little...

19th Jan
i want it NOW!!!

how flattering … or … why i love hecklers

Well. Seeing as I’m a writer and I’ve had another poem deleted...

07th Jan
how flattering … or … why i love hecklers

words on a page

I was surfing. Net style. And I ran across, traipsing down a...

05th Nov
words on a page

The Dateworthy Quotient.

The dating world.  Yes it can be exciting. Yes attention from men...

10th Oct

tsk tsk.

Corresponding to a life lived out loud … is knowing when to...

04th Jul